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Do you have a furry four-legged friend who loves to go for car rides? If so, you’ve likely experienced the frustration of finding dog hair all over your vehicle. Sure, it adds character and charm—but after weeks of collecting stubborn pet fur on upholstery, seats and carpets, it’s time to ask yourself: How can I get rid of this mess in an efficient yet gentle manner? To help out canine owners feeling overwhelmed with their latest struggle in hairy trouble madness, here’s what you need to know about how to get dog hair out of car.

How to get dog hair out of car?

To remove dog hair from your car, start by putting on gloves and a respirator for protection. Use paper towels or work rags to scoop out any hair on leather upholstery or plastic surfaces. Follow up by cleaning the area with steam and appropriate cleaner. For a detailed guide on cleaning leather and plastic surfaces, refer to our guide here. Moving on to the carpets, here’s how to get dog hair out of car.

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Using Vacuum Cleaner

Using a standard home vacuum or portable vacuum with appropriate attachment tools, vacuum the carpets in a lifting motion to lift loose hairs out of the fibers. Avoid using hard plastic vacuum heads that could potentially damage the carpet.

Using Lint Roller

Keep a lint roller in your car for quick hair removal. Roll the lint roller over your carpets and seats, and the sticky paper will pick up the pet hair. Lint rollers work best on recently shed hair and are light and portable for quick cleaning.

Using Velcro Hair Curler

Surprisingly effective, a velcro hair curler can be used to lift dog hair off car seats. The elongated tips of the curlers make it easy to remove hair without damaging the seats. Reusable and convenient, keep some old velcro hair curlers in your glove compartment and use them to roll over the car seats and carpets to remove dog hair.

Using Water and Rubber Gloves

Put on rubber gloves, wet them with water, and run your hands over the car’s carpets and seats. The dog hair should stick to the gloves.

Using the Wire Bristle Attachment on a Steamer

Combine a bristle wire attachment with a steamer to pick up dog hair. Run the attachment with light steam across the hair, and it will get caught in the tool.

Using Duct Tape 

to get dog hair out of car
to get dog hair out of car

Roll a piece of duct tape around your hand (sticky side facing out), press it onto the affected area, and then pull it up to trap the dog hair. Repeat the process with fresh duct tape until the car is clean.

Use a Dog Hair Cleaning Brush, Stone, or Glove

A dog hair-cleaning brush with a static charge can help you remove dog hair from car seats and rugs. Look for brushes with durable and soft rubber to avoid any upholstery damage. You can also consider using dog hair cleaning stones or gloves, which some professionals claim perform even better than brushes.

Remove With a Squeegee

A rubber squeegee is a quick and affordable solution. Simply drag the rubber blade across the seats and floors of your car to gather the dog hair in one pile for easy removal.

Using Balloons

This might sound unusual, but balloons can effectively use static electricity to remove dog hair from your car. Rub the balloon over the car seat to pull away any stray dog hair. Wipe the hair off the balloon and repeat the procedure until your automobile is free of hair.

Using a Wire Brush

As a final step, a wire brush can be effective in removing any remaining bits of dog hair. Be cautious when using this technique, as it may pose a risk to carpets. Run the wire brush gently along the car’s upholstery to ensure all the hair is gone.

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Ways to prevent dog hair in car

The ways to prevent dog hair in car
The ways to prevent dog hair in car

To ensure that your car seat remains free from dog hair, implementing preventive measures is crucial. Consider the following methods to prevent dog hair from accumulating in your vehicle:

Seat Covers

Explore various types of seat covers suitable for your car. While they may not be visually appealing, they effectively prevent dog hair from sticking to your seats. Alternatively, you can use a moving blanket or similar material to cover the seats temporarily.

Recommended Products and Tools:

  • Car seat covers
  • Dog hair seat covers
  • Moving blankets

Using Anti-static Spray

Dog hair tends to cling due to static electric charges. Combat this issue by utilizing an anti-static spray. This spray contains a conducting polymer and solvent made from alcohol and deionized water. Spray a light mist of the solution on your seat to prevent hair from sticking or to remove hair that has already adhered.

Recommended Products and Tools:

  • Anti-static Spray

Using Car Humidifier

Low air moisture can cause dry skin in dogs, leading to scratching and increased hair loss. A car humidifier can help alleviate this issue by soothing and moisturizing your dog’s skin, thus minimizing shedding. Additionally, it improves the air quality inside the car, creating a humid and breathable environment.

Recommended Products and Tools:

  • Car humidifier

Limit Excess Shedding

Reduce the amount of hair shed by your dog in the first place to simplify the task of cleaning your car. Regularly brush your pet’s hair before allowing them into the vehicle, removing any loose hair.

Recommended Products and Tools:

  • Dog hair brush
  • Grooming kit

When to call a professional detailer to remove dog hair in car?

Time to call a professional detailer to remove dog hair in car
Time to call a professional detailer to remove dog hair in car

Call a professional detailer to remove dog hair from your car if you have tried various techniques without success. These experts possess the necessary tools and equipment to effectively eliminate stubborn pet hair from any surface inside your vehicle. At Big’s, we have extensive experience in cleaning pet hair, ensuring that no traces are left behind. Schedule an appointment online or contact us at 425-243-9155 for reliable service.

Tips for limiting dog hair in car

1. Thoroughly brush your dog: Before allowing your dog into the car, give them a comprehensive brushing. Utilize tools such as shedding brushes or de-shedding shampoos to minimize unwanted hair in your vehicle.

2. Use car seat covers: Protect your car seats by using seat covers designed specifically for pets. These covers fit snugly against the seat and floor, preventing dog hair from accumulating. Remember to measure your backseat area before purchasing a cover.

3. Keep your dog contained: To minimize hair spreading, confine your dog to one area of the car. Consider using a pet crate or restraint for smaller dogs.

4. Use a lint roller or gloves: Despite preventive measures, some dog hair may still accumulate in your car. Use a lint roller or rubber gloves to remove any remaining fur.

5. Regularly clean and vacuum your car: Keep your car clean by regularly vacuuming and cleaning the interior. Pay special attention to creases and hard-to-reach areas where dog hair might be hiding.

How to keep car clean after dog hair removal?

After removing dog hair from your car, follow these steps to keep it clean:

  • Start with a thorough interior detailing to eliminate any traces of dog. Use a wet/dry vacuum or steam cleaning method to effectively remove dirt, fur, and dander from your upholstery and carpet/mats.
  • Ensure that your wet vac completely removes all dampness and moisture from the cloth or carpet to prevent mold and mildew buildup.
  • Request an odor and bacteria removal system to permanently eliminate pet smells like urine or vomit, rather than just masking them. It’s important to address the source of the odor to prevent it from returning after a few days.

FAQs: get dog hair out of car

What is the best tool to get dog hair out of a car?

The best tool to effectively remove dog hair from your car is a squeegee. As a fast and cost-effective option, the rubber blade of the squeegee will easily catch and gather the pet hair from your car’s seats and floors, making it convenient to remove them in one pile.

Can you use a lint roller to remove dog hair from a car?

Yes, you can use a lint roller to effectively remove dog hair from your car. Simply roll the lint roller over each surface, and when the roller becomes too full to pick up any more fur, remove a layer of tape.

What is the best way to remove dog hair from a car’s upholstery?

To effectively remove dog hair from a car’s upholstery, here’s a recommended method: First, prepare a solution by combining a small amount of fabric softener with water in a spray bottle. Next, spray the solution onto the upholstery. The chemicals in the fabric softener will break the static bond between the hair and the fabric, making it easier to remove the fur.

Can you use a vacuum cleaner to remove dog hair from a car?

Yes, you can use a vacuum cleaner to effectively remove dog hair from a car. Once you have gathered the hair into piles, simply vacuum it up. If you are having trouble accessing your car with an upright or corded vacuum, a cordless vacuum can be a great alternative. Additionally, some vacuums come with specialized upholstery or pet attachments that can further assist in removing pet hair.

Will a dryer sheet remove dog hair in car?

Yes, a dryer sheet can effectively remove dog hair in a car. It can be used to clean a variety of surfaces including glass doors, woodwork, and the interior of your vehicle. Simply rub the dryer sheet across the surface to help remove accumulated dog hair and dust.

What is the most effective method for removing dog hair from a car?

If you want the most effective method for removing dog hair from a car, a lint roller is your best solution. While velcro hair curlers are a cheap, easy, and effective on-the-go option, they may not be as effective at tackling stubborn and embedded pet hair.

Can you use a rubber glove to remove dog hair from a car?

Yes, rubber gloves are an effective tool for removing dog hair from a car. Simply put on a pair of everyday rubber cleaning gloves and gently sweep your hands over the car’s upholstery.

Is it safe to use a steam cleaner to remove dog hair from a car?

A professional cleaner with a combined steam and vacuum function is a safe and effective solution to remove dog hair from car seats. It can also eliminate smoke odors, stubborn stains, and sanitize the seats.

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